Camrynne Karr


Phone: (480) 965-5965

Hometown: Roseville, California
Areas of Study: Master of Sustainability Solutions
Year at ASU: Graduate Student
Global Education Program Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica
Global Education Program: CIEE: Sustainability and the Environment in Monteverde, Costa Rica
Favorite Program Memory: My favorite memory was traveling to different indigenous communities in Costa Rica and Panama. We got to learn native languages and beliefs, eat new food, learn about how they use certain plants for medicinal uses, watch how they use the rivers for travel, make homemade chocolate and so much more. It was a very eye-opening experience!
Other Travel Locations: Panama, Italy, Australia, Mexico
Top Advice for Sun Devils Going Abroad: Take advantage of every opportunity! Try that new food, do that extra hike, spend time with your host family. You only get those opportunities once!