IFSA-Butler Scholarships

IFSA-Butler Scholarships

Scholarship Information
General Eligibility: 

Students must: 

  • participate on an IFSA-Butler program

IFSA scholarships are primarily need-based and factor in any additional cost your Global Education program might have over home school tuition. 

Destination Country:

Application Deadlines: 
  • Priority Summer: March 1 
  • Final Summer: April 1
  • Priority Fall/Academic Year: October 1
  • Final Fall/Academic Year: November 1
  • Priority Spring: October 1
  • Final Spring: November 1
Award Amount: 
$500 (summer), $1,500 (semester), or $2,500 (academic year)

Program Length:

Student Type:

Citizenship Status:

Minimum GPA:

Program Type:

Terms Offered: