Session A and B Global Education Programs

Introducing a new term offering: Global Education programs during Session A or Session B during the academic semesters! This new, flexible option is available for all ASU students. Financial aid and scholarship packages apply on this type of program. This program model is an ideal option for ASU Online students.

Students have two options: to participate in an Global Education program with an ASU professor and a group of ASU students, or on a partnership program that offers Session A and Session B block options. Learn more about the difference between faculty-directed and partnership programs.

Credits: 6-9 credits per session

Time: Offered within the 7.5 week, A or B ASU session and oftentimes even shorter than 7.5 weeks

Faculty-Directed Programs

  1. ASU: Identity and Conflict in the Balkans: Spring Session B
  2. ASU: Sun Devils in Peru and Bolivia: Cultural Diversity in the Andes: Fall Session A

Partnership Programs

  1. ASU in Peru: Community Partnerships for Global Health: Spring Session B
  2. CIEE Open Campus programs: Offered every Fall/Spring Session A or B
    1. CIEE Open Campus in Berlin
    2. CIEE Open Campus in Buenos Aires
    3. CIEE Open Campus in Cape Town
    4. CIEE Open Campus in Copenhagen
    5. CIEE Open Campus in London
    6. CIEE Open Campus in Madrid
    7. CIEE Open Campus in Paris
    8. CIEE Open Campus in Rio de Janeiro
    9. CIEE Open Campus in Rome
    10. CIEE Open Campus in Santiago
    11. CIEE Open Campus in Shanghai
    12. CIEE Open Campus in Sydney

You can participate in CIEE's Open Campus program offerings across 12 major international cities. Each block is six weeks, and you choose two courses per block to earn six credits. You have the flexibility of small, hands-on and highly focused classes. Study in the heart of the city and stay in residence hall style housing, apartments, or homestays. Study tours and one overnight excursion per block is included.

On the CIEE session A or B Programs, students select an academic track that fits right into their ASU degree plan:

  • Business
  • Communications, New Media and Journalism
  • Global and Community Health
  • International Relations and Political Science
  • Language, Literature, and Culture
  • Sustainability and Environment Sciences

Exchange Programs

The following exchange programs in Germany are offered in Spring Session B and run into the summer.

  1. Engineering & Sciences at Technical University Munich
  2. European University Viadrina
  3. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  4. University of Applied Sciences Worms
  5. University of Heidelberg
  6. University of Regensburg
  7. University of Tuebingen

Kiara Caldwell, W.P. Carey School of Business student, shares her experience on a CIEE Open Campus program. Watch how her experience impacted her career and goals.