Starbucks College Achievement Plan Partners

Starbucks College Achievement Plan Partners have the opportunity to participate in Global Education programs during their time off. In order to participate, Partners must maintain benefits eligibility to continue to receive tuition coverage through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

Does the Starbucks College Achievement Plan cover the costs of my Global Education program?

The cost of an ASU Global Education experience is typically not covered by the Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP).

SCAP participants who pursue Global Education programs may want to consider ASU’s Global Intensive Experiences (7-12 days in length) or ASU’s summer programming (preferably programs lasting 2-4 weeks in length).

Global Intensive Experiences may qualify for tuition reimbursement through the SCAP program. The reimbursement would only be available for the tuition billed; partners will be responsible for the cost of the program fees

ASU’s summer Global Education programming will not be covered by SCAP.

Partners must be eligible for Starbucks Benefits to participate in SCAP and should be aware that there is a minimum hours-worked requirement to maintain this eligibility. Prior to making the decision to take advantage of an ASU Global Education opportunity partners should:

  • Speak to their Starbucks manager about approval for time-off; this is typically in the form of vacation time or a personal leave of absence
  • Contact the Starbucks Partner Contact Center to ensure that Benefits eligibility will not be impacted; for more information please contact FASS Corporate Enrollment Partnership Services at 480-965-3200 or by emailing

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