Student and Parent Testimonials

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"Alex was asked to read a tropical biology book before she arrived in Costa Rica. She never got to read it. The book sat on our kitchen counter for several weeks, waiting to be returned to the library, until I opened it and started reading it. I found it very interesting and read about a chapter every day. When we "Skyped" with Alex she would tell us a little about her day, what she had seen and what she was learning. She would ask me if I had read about it in the book yet. It was a wonderful experience to read about the things she was learning, and made me feel very connected with her and her studies." - Paola Tovar-Kurth, Mother of Alexandra Kurth, Semester Abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica.


"I have always been shy and reserved, so I told myself that I needed to get out into the world, meet new people, and experience something new.  Studying abroad was the best decision I have ever made.  It was an extremely enriching and humbling experience; and I made some of the greatest friends while exploring some of the most fascinating places, creating some of my most cherished memories.  This experience gave me more confidence in myself and a new respect for the world." -Nicole Kaiser, Semester Abroad in in Sydney, Australia.




"Participating in study abroad was one of the best decisions of my life. My parents were originally very worried and begged me not to go because they could not protect me abroad.  But I didn't listen and now my parents are glad that I had the experience.  My mother even visited me for two weeks and had the time of her life. I came home with stories, memories, and pictures that will last me a lifetime. My parents even told me to stay an extra semester because my Spanish was improving so rapidly." -Vanessa Guerrero, Semester Abroad, Law Exchange in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"I spent the entire summer doing everything from studying urban planning and sustainability issues to testing water samples for toxic chemicals with Greenpeace.  I experienced both rush hour traffic and high speed transit systems in the city and peaceful moments standing at a high elevation in the mountain tops with indigenous people. The knowledge and adventures I have gained from my Thailand experience have left me in awe. Six months after the course, the reflection process, the learning process and the growing process have not stopped - this study abroad changed my life." - Nisha Priyavadan Patel, ASU: Urban Sustainability and Planning in Thailand.

"I went on study abroad this past semester and I absolutely loved it. You meet people from all around the world and it just opens your eyes to how deep the globe actually is. It opens your mind to so many new ideas and cultures and I really do think one becomes a more humble and better person through this experience as well. This was hands down the best semester of my life because of the integration with students from all over the world." -Saumya Banker, Semester Abroad in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany.

"The prospect of living in a foreign country for five months made me a little anxious, but Ireland turned out to be an amazing experience. I am more confident and independent now than I ever was before going abroad. Having the experience of living in an apartment and having to buy food to cook my own meals, as well as walk to class and rely on public transportation for travel arrangements, forced me to find autonomy.

My parents were able to visit and see this “new” life which I think helped. Although I think they missed me more than I missed home, they were always supportive and never more than a phone call away. Skype and Facebook also made it really easy to keep in touch and share experiences and photos." -Amy Vogelsang, Semester Abroad in Cork, Ireland.