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Our Commitment to Service

The ASU Global Education Office is dedicated to providing excellent support and service to our students. By listening carefully, considering each situation individually, and responding with creative and collaborative solutions, we aim to make our large university feel smaller.  Furthermore, if you are a:

  • Parent, we will welcome you as a fellow supporter of our students and provide you with information on the Global Education experience at ASU.
  • ASU Faculty or Administrator, we will collaborate with you to develop and support programs and affiliations that reinforce the intellectual curiosity our Schools and Colleges encourage.
  • Partner University or Organization, we will value our relationship and the opportunities it offers.

Our Promise

As representatives of the ASU Global Education Office, we promise to:

  • Provide prompt, accurate, consistent and helpful responses to phone calls and emails
  • Maintain strong, open lines of communication
  • Create opportunities for feedback and respond to what we learn
  • Be clear in our guidance and expectations
  • Ensure that staff are knowledgeable about GEO policies and prepared and available to explain them
  • Be a proactive voice in addressing the interests and concerns of those we work with
  • Speak courteously and respectfully to the diverse populations we work with
  • Recognize that each student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Provide advising tailored to each student’s needs through all phases of their Global Education program
  • Empower students to research and choose the program that best matches their needs
  • Maintain a website that is easy to navigate and provides informative resources
  • Present orientations and provide handbooks that outline critical information to prepare students to successfully participate in Global Education programs
  • Offer guidance on financial concerns unique to Global Education programs
  • Encourage students to be open-minded and challenge themselves
  • Give students the opportunity to apply and translate their experience abroad through re-entry workshops, activities and resources
  • Provide comprehensive support for the development and coordination of Global Education programs
  • Serve as experts on the specialized services needed to coordinate successful international programs including health and safety, financial management, marketing and promotion, technology and assessment
  • Show our passion for global education in everything we do