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Resources for Financing Your Global Education Program

Funding Top 10 List:  We're putting all our best ideas in one place with our Top 10 List For Funding.  It's never too early to start planning!

Community-Based Funding Guide: Check out this guide for great ideas on how to take funding into your own hands by using your own unique skills and interests to raise money for your program.  Design a crowdsource funding profile, start a letter writing campaign, or harness your talents into a money-making venture.  See the creative ways that students have raised money in the past, and send us ideas that have worked for you so that we can share them with future students!

FundMyTravel: Maximize your success with crowd-source funding through FundMyTravel.  FundMyTravel offers great tips and suggestions for creating an effective and engaging site that will help you as you seek to reach 100% of your stated fundraising goal.  Start fundraising now on our FundMyTravel - ASU Global Education Office page today!  Check out the FundMyTravel tips, tricks, and resources to maximize your crowd-source funding efforts!

ASU PitchFunder: The ASU Foundation is dedicated to helping students with crowdsource funding.  If you are part of a group that is planning to participate on the same program, ASU PitchFunder is a great resource for raising funds.  They can provide you with support and tools to raise money effectively for your program.  Read about the Foundation's commitment to crowdsource funding, and then apply for an intake meeting with a PitchFunder representative.