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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Using your ASU scholarships

Here's how your current scholarships and financial aid can apply.

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Additional scholarship opportunities are available.

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Scholarships and grants through the Global Education Office

Beyond the numerous scholarships and grants in our search, we have a number of opportunities available directly through our office. These funding opportunities are available for ASU students participating in programs available through our office. 

GEO Go Global Grantawards of $1,500 for students who demonstrate financial need.

GEO Summer Global Online Learning Grant: awards of $500 for students participating in Summer global online programs sponsored by the Global Education Office.

Your World, Your Choice Scholarship: awards of $1,500 for students participating in a Global Flex program or a Global Network program.

Local to Global Scholarship: $4,000 awards for Arizona residents participating in ASU Global Flex programs (2 block minimum duration during the summer or semester) or ASU Summer Global Internship programs.

ASU Global Education Planning Scholarshipawards of $4,000 for first-generation students who have completed their first two semesters at ASU.

Thelma G. Wolff International Scholarship: awards for Arizona residents participating on a spring semester program in Europe. (Award amounts vary by year.)

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Search over 100 scholarships specifically designed for students participating in Global Education programs.


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ASU Financial Aid

It is possible to apply Federal Financial Aid money toward ASU-approved Global Education programs. Enrollment in an approved Global Education program will be considered enrollment at ASU for the purpose of applying for federal financial aid. 

  • Submit your FAFSA, even if you don’t think you qualify. If you are currently receiving financial aid and are enrolled in an ASU Global Education program, you are eligible to use that aid toward your program tuition and/or program fees.
  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student to receive financial aid. You should also be familiar with further eligibility requirements.
  • There is a maximum amount of aid you can receive per academic year. Be aware of this when planning your aid for the academic year. You may want to save some for you to use when you participate on your program, especially for summer.
  • Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor in ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services before starting your program application, or as early in the process as possible.

Cost sheets

Approximately one to two weeks after beginning your program application, you will receive an e-mail from Financial Aid and Scholarship Services with financial information designed to help you plan and make your decision to participate on a Global Education program.

Once you confirm your participation in your program, you will receive an additional e-mail from Financial Aid and Scholarship Services outlining your current aid package and listing any additional loans for which you may be eligible to apply. There is no guarantee that your aid will be increased, so plan cautiously.

To find information about the costs of ASU’s Global Education programs, use the Program Search function. Then select the “Cost Sheet” link for the desired term to find a breakdown of program expenses.

Additional resources are available through the ASU Financial Aid and Scholarships Services and the U.S. Department of Education.