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How to apply

How to Apply

The ASU Global Education application process

Applying for a Global Education program is easy. The application process for all ASU Global Education programs is facilitated online through the program brochure webpages.

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Steps to apply


Search for a program using the Global Education program search.


Start your application. As soon you have identified the best program for you, click the “Apply Now” button on the web brochure for the program. Click here to view application deadlines.


Complete the Pre-Decision application requirements. Each program application includes its own requirements, which all must be marked as “Received” by the application deadline.


Submit your application. The Global Education office can now review your application.

Once accepted


  1. Confirm your participation in the Program. It is extremely important to note that you are not yet considered a participant in the program until you have confirmed your participation by “committing” to the program.To confirm your participation, click the “Commit” button in your MyGEO account.  This commit button will not appear in your application until your status changes to “Accepted.” It is important to make the decision to confirm your participation carefully.
  2. Complete all Post-Decision application requirements.  After the status of your application changes to “Accepted,” you will be required to complete new application items that are only made available to “Accepted” students.