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Steps to participate in a non-ASU program

Take the decision to participate in an non-ASU sponsored study abroad program seriously. A non-ASU program does not guarantee you will receive credit for the work you complete on your program. 

We highly recommend studying abroad through one of our 300 programs to continue as an ASU student, simplify the process for you and give you ASU credit.

Need help finding a GEO program that will work for you? Attend a Study Abroad 101 workshop, or schedule a peer advising appointment.

  1. Search the Global Education Office website
    Search through the Global Education Office website and/or visit the Global Education Office on the ASU Tempe Campus to see if there are any programs we offer through our office that would reach your goals.
  2. Choose your program carefully, making sure to consider the following
    Do you need to earn credit for your work? Unlike students who participate in an ASU program, students participating in Non-ASU programs will not be enrolled at ASU for the duration of the program and are not guaranteed to receive credit for work completed on the program.

    Do you need financial aid to help cover the costs of the program? Students participating in an ASU program may use any eligible financial aid and scholarships to help cover the costs associated with a Global Education program. Students participating in Non-ASU programs may not be eligible to use their financial aid or scholarships.
  3. Contact your advisor
    Contact your College or School Academic Advisor to determine if and how the credits earned on your Non-ASU program may apply to your degree progress.
  4. Visit one of the ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
    Visit one of the ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services offices to determine whether or not you are eligible to apply any amount of your aid package to your program costs and/or what steps you need to take to facilitate that process. More information is available on the Financial Aid and Scholarship Services website.
  5. Submit your application
    Submit your application directly to your selected non-ASU program. The ASU Global Education Office staff is unable to sign off on any application documents you may be required to submit to your Non-ASU program.
  6. Apply for a leave of absence
    Apply for a Leave of Absence from ASU, if necessary, in order to maintain your degree status at ASU. More information on this process is available on the ASU website at http://students.asu.edu/leave-absence.
  7. Submit your payment
    Submit payment directly to your Non-ASU program, as required by the program.
  8. Apply for readmission to ASU
    Apply for readmission to ASU, if you were required to take a Leave of Absence. More information on the readmission process.