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Elis Legler

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Business Operations Specialist Sr

Prior to joining the Global Education Office, Elis was the Program Coordinator for the Center for Law, Science and Innovation at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. In this role, Elis provided support for various programs, including those related to AI, Intellectual Property, and Smart Cities and Regions. She also assisted the Associate Dean of Applied Research and Partnerships. Elis has three citizenships, and is multi-cultural and international in every aspect of her personal, academic and professional life.

Email: Elis.Legler@asu.edu
Phone: TBA


  • M.Ed. Educational Policies; Tel Aviv University
  • B.A. Communications; Faculdades Integradas Helio Alonso
  • B.A. Tourism and Hospitality; Centro Universitario de Cidade

International Experience

  • English Studies program in New Zealand
  • Work Experience Program in London, UK 

Why Elis works in global education: As someone with an international background, I am driven to instill upon younger generations the importance of continuous learning and exploring. And I believe that there is no better way of learning than through firsthand experience.

Advice for students preparing to go abroad: Don't limit yourself. Don't choose a destination or program because it's trendy or because a friend is going. Do your research because you won't want to waste this opportunity. Think through what motivates you. Whether it's culture, history, nature, career related, etc., an international program has the potential to impact and influence your life in ways beyond your imagination.

One of the most important lessons Elis learned while studying abroad or traveling: As surprisingly as it may seem (or maybe not!) not everyone knows the same things you do, like how to cook (even as simple as pasta and eggs) or know their way at laundromats.