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Course Credit Information

While abroad, students will remain registered at ASU (computer accounts remain active, students can pre-register while abroad, etc. - just like they are here on campus).  Students earn ASU CREDIT on all ASU Global Education programs, meaning they will be full-time students and their GRADES will count.

Faculty Directed Programs

Faculty Directed Programs each have a specific academic focus, and will therefore require all participants to enroll directly in the ASU course(s) taught on the program.  Review the Global Education Office website for details on each program's academic focus and the courses offered on those programs. 

Students on Faculty Directed Programs are asked at the time of application to list which courses they would like to take.  However, this does not enroll them in the courses.  After being accepted into the program they are given the course numbers and asked to register for them in MyASU.

In some Faculty Directed Programs students will register for more than seven credit hours per summer session or more than 3 credit hours per winter session.  Therefore, as an advisor you may have to instruct your advisee on how to complete an overload petition. 

Exchange and Partnership Programs

All other ASU Global Education programs offer courses instructed by another academic institution. Students are enrolled in a placeholder course while they are overseas.  The Global Education Program Coordinator will work with students to establish ASU course equivalencies for each of the courses the student has completed abroad.  There is one designated equivalency provider for each department. 

Equivalency providers are requested to review the information provided by the Global Education Office to determine the most appropriate regularly numbered ASU catalog equivalency for the course.  Should the course be sufficiently different from any course offered at ASU or that absolutely no ASU catalog equivalency can be assigned, equivalency providers often elect to assign a "1DE", "2DE", "3DE", "4DE" or "598" Department Elective equivalency, with the original title of the course as the ASU title. Once the equivalency information is received from the designated equivalency provider, we will enter the information in our website.  Upon receipt of each student's foreign university transcript, the Global Education Office will work with the ASU Office of the Registrar to drop the placeholder course and add the appropriate ASU course equivalencies.