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Application Process


To be eligible for the ASU International Exchange Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a registered student at one of ASU's exchange partner institutions
  • Fulfill all of your home institution’s eligibility and application requirements
  • Have sufficient proof of funding, as follows:
    • One semester only (Fall 2023): $12,312 USD minimum
    • Two semesters (Academic Year 2023): $24,624 USD minimum

Language Proficiency Requirement

As a measure to ensure that students coming to ASU can be successful in courses entirely taught in English, we have established criteria for exchange students.*

Applicants attending an institution in a country where the primary language of instruction is not English (identified by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Public Affairs), must provide evidence of English language proficiency.

The English proficiency requirement may be fulfilled by meeting one of the following English language proficiency tests:

79 (ibt), 550 (pbt), 213 (cbt)
Level 6.0 or above
750 or above
Cambridge CPE
Grades A, B, C
Cambridge CAE
Grades A, B
Levels 4 & 5
High-intermediate or advanced

Alternatively, universities may provide their own documentation (letter or form) that indicates a student has the equivalent of a C1 English proficiency or higher or that the student’s degree program at the home institution is entirely taught in English.  Documentation must include the following:

  • One (1) single document should be submitted for each nominated student
  • Lists the full name of the student
  • Include information about the applicant's institution’s English language requirements (exam scores, etc.) and include the student’s individual score, which must meet ASU Admission’s standards of English proficiency (the document must show C1 level of proficiency or higher)
  • Must show that the document originated from the nominee’s institution (letterhead, stamp or signature)

 *For English-speaking countries, proof of English language proficiency is not required. 

Application Process

To participate in the ASU International Exchange Program, you must be nominated by one of ASU's exchange partner institutions. Be sure to plan ahead and meet with an advisor in your university’s international office at least three months before the nomination deadlines listed below or with plenty of time to meet your university's initial nomination deadline. Once nominated, your home institution will then provide you with the instructions needed to apply. The entire application process is online, including uploading all documents through the online application portal.**
The following is a list of items to complete or submit as a part of the application process. The application and all required materials must be completed and uploaded to your online application portal by the stated application deadline below to be considered for admission.

NOTE: All items must be submitted in English. Detailed instructions for each item will be provided in the online application system.

  • Cost and Financial Preparation
  • International Exchange Program Application
  • Official Transcript
  • Passport Identification Page
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Statement of Understanding

**Please review ASU's Privacy Statements before applying, including the European Union (EU) Supplement for students from EU member countries, to review how ASU processes students' personal data.

Application Timeline 

Nomination DeadlineApplication DeadlineAcceptance Email SentAcceptance Packet Sent by Mail
Fall/Academic Year    
March 1April 1Within 3 weeks of completing applicationLate May


Nomination DeadlineApplication DeadlineAcceptance Email SentAcceptance Packet Sent by Mail
Spring/Calendar Year
August 1September 1Within 3 weeks of completing applicationLate October