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Housing Information

There are several housing options for international exchange students, including on-campus in ASU residence halls, and off-campus in nearby apartments or in homestays with local families. These housing options allow students to experience a comfortable living and learning environment, and to live among a diverse group of Americans and other international students.  

The ASU Global Education Office (GEO) provides this information as a resource to international exchange students and has made efforts to verify its accuracy. However, the GEO does not endorse specific service providers. ASU and GEO are not responsible for acts, errors, or omissions of service providers.

Once you finalize your housing arrangements, it is important that you update your ASU contact information through MyASU with your new information. This is necessary for immigration purposes and for ASU departments to be able to contact you by mail if needed.

Housing Assistance

The ASU Global Education Office (GEO) offers resources, contact information, and basic advice about finding housing. However, the GEO does not make housing arrangements for students. Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements and applying before housing application deadlines. Contact ASU University Housing for more information about on-campus housing. The ASU Off-Campus Commuter Student Services provides resources for off-campus housing.


  • If housing still has space remaining, students may apply for housing after they receive their official university acceptance. On-campus housing is assigned on a first come, first-served basis and placement is not guaranteed. On-campus housing may fill before you are even able to apply.
  • Just like off-campus housing, on-campus housing does require a non-refundable application fee (approximately $125), which will be charged to your ASU account.
  • You will apply through the Housing Portal and must be logged in to your MyASU to apply.  If you have questions during the housing process, please contact housing@asu.edu.


  • On-campus housing for international exchange students is limited to upper division housing.
  • On-campus housing is supervised by on-site staff who will maintain order and security.
  • Check-in to the residence halls takes place no more than a few days before international student orientation and may cost an additional fee (depending on how early you arrive). Check-out is one day after your last final exam.
  • The housing cost is fixed for the semester or year
    • If you are studying at ASU for only one semester, you will apply for the full-year housing option, and then will fill out an LAR to be released from your contract for the semester you will not be on campus. Payment plans are available and payment can be made by credit card.
  • Room options include: studio style apartment (very limited), shared room or apartment with one roommate, or shared room or apartment with three other roommates.
  • Rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser for each person. Bed linens and towels are not provided.
  • On-campus housing rates include electricity, water/sewer, water heating, cable TV, and internet connection. Phone lines cost extra.
  • Alcohol and the use of tobacco are prohibited at ASU, including in residence halls.
  • Students may elect to stay in their rooms over the winter break period by clicking the Winter Interest button on the Housing portal.  Limited desk services and dining options will be in effect during break periods. Please see your community assistant for information on winter break housing.
  • Make sure to review ASU Housing Policies and Procedures as well as ASU Rates, Charges, Deadlines, and Billing information.


  • Most apartments listed on the ASU Off-Campus website will be filled with ASU student residents, rather than other community members.
  • Most apartments require a 12 month contract.  However, for spring students, you will typically take over someone else’s lease and for fall students, the ASU Global Education Office will try to find some apartment options with shorter contracts.
  • Very few apartments are fully-furnished and require residents to purchase or rent their own bed, furniture, kitchen supplies, etc.
  • All apartment rentals require you to sign a rental agreement/contract. It is very important to understand what is written in a contract before signing it. In the U.S., signed contracts are legally binding. Any person or company that does not follow the terms of a signed contract can be punished by law. Punishments can include fines, jail, or visa cancellation. Students who have questions about the terms of a contract should have their questions answered before signing a lease or contract by contacting Stephanie.Salazar@asu.edu or Shelby.Epley@asu.edu.
  • Living off-campus allows students to move in within a few days of applying and allows them to stay in the apartment for the entire term of their contract. For academic/calendar year students, this means that you do not have to move from your apartment like you would in an on-campus residence hall.
  • Apartments often require a payment of large security or maintenance deposits at the time of application. Some deposits are returned at the end of your lease if there are no damages to your apartment.
  • Apartments provide more privacy and more independence than an on-campus residence hall might.
  • Apartments include a private kitchen, a bathroom, and individual or community laundry facilities, as well as several other amenities.
  • International students may have difficulties finding a roommate unless they already know someone from their home institution. Use the International Student Exchange Facebook Page to help with this.



Experience American family life through living in a homestay. The following company specializes in screening and coordinating quality host families for international students.


  • International students are guests in their host family’s house. Considering that, it is important for the guest to be open to and flexible with the family’s customs, lifestyle, rules, and cultural habits that will most likely be different than the international student’s.
  • Every host family is different. One student’s homestay experience will vary greatly from another student’s homestay experience.
  • Host families come from middle-class to upper-class backgrounds. It is important for the student to respect the host family’s lifestyle related to their economic status.
  • Host families vary in size. Examples of host families include one older adult and a pet, a large family with parents and children, or a young couple.
  • Some meals are provided by the host family. See the provider website above for more information.
  • Most homestays are within a 20-minute to one-hour commute to ASU using public transportation. Host families do not provide transportation
  • Homestays generally cost between $800-$1,000 monthly and also include an application fee and possibly other fees.
  • Applications for homestays should be submitted to the company a minimum of two months prior to your session start date.

Nearby Hotels

Several hotels are available around all ASU campuses for students to arrange their own temporary accommodation. If you wish to stay in a hotel while looking for a place to live or before you can move into your housing, you must contact the hotels yourself and make all arrangements for your stay. Learn more about hotel options near the ASU Tempe campus.

On-Campus Early Check-in

  • For students residing in ASU residence halls, early check-in options may be available if necessary to attend required orientation activities. ASU University Housing will provide international exchange students with early check-in options, if available, once their housing is confirmed. Please note that early check-in is not guaranteed and may come at an additional cost.