Set yourself apart by completing an international internship.

Internships are a wonderful way to test out a potential career and gain real-world work experience.  Consider completing an international internship which will provide you with a global lens with which you can approach your future profession.  Along with the potential to earn academic credit, students who complete an international internship expand their networks and develop transferable skills which give them a competitive edge after graduation. Get the most out of your experience and intern abroad!  

  • 73% of employers believe that college graduates’ preparation for careers would improve if they were required to complete a significant applied learning project, such as an internship.
  • 91% of employers say that, whatever their major, all students should have experiences in solving problems with people whose views are different than their own.

Source: AAC&U LEAP Challenge

We offer several different internship programs and there are two main models to consider:

Full-Time InternshipCourses + Internship
DefinitionOffers students the opportunity to go abroad and focus solely on completing a full-time internshipCombination programs blend an internship experience with the ability to take a few courses abroad
Time Period OfferedSummerYear-round
Best Suited For:Students who are seeking a short-term intensive internship experience. Students work full-time (30-40 hours per week) in their placement, most often guided by an accompanying internship seminar.Students who want the option of taking classes while interning or for those students who need to receive specific course credit while abroad. Additionally, faculty-directed internship programs are great for first-time travelers since students go abroad with an ASU professor and cohort of ASU students
Minimum Required Length6 weeks or longer6 weeks or longer
# of Credits Possible to Earn3-6 credits6-12 credits
BenefitsGreat opportunity to gain real-world, full-time work experience in another culture. Students are able to “try-on” a job while developing transferable skills they can reference in future job interviewsGreat opportunity to allow students to complete degree requirements by taking necessary classes while still having an internship experience in another culture

Full-Time Internship Program Options

This type of internship programs allow for students to work full-time hours (30-40 hours per week) in a customized placement that matches their professional career goals. Below are the current program options offering full-time internships:

**For students participating in a program through an affiliated organization (Partnership program), please see this page on earning credit.