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Jessica Cote

Jessica Cote

Accounting Assistant, Senior

Prior to joining the Global Education Office at ASU, Jessica worked as an Underwriter Verification Advocate for an Arizona based company, so this is a change from her previous experiences. When she's not working, she will most likely be reading, planning for her next trip, or spending time with her family.

Email: jtcote@asu.edu
Phone: (480) 727-9624


  • B.A, Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Business and Communications; Arizona State University

International Experience

  • Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland
  • Traveled abroad to Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Amsterdam, Mexico

Why Jessica works in global education: My travel abroad program was the best decision I ever made. It really opened my eyes to the world, created a love of traveling to new places, and an appreciation for experiences that not a lot of people can say they had. I will always advocate for travel programs as it was such an amazing and life changing experience for myself.

Advice for students preparing to go abroad: Do as much research as possible about the places you're interested in going to before making a decision. Create a budget for all stages of your travel and apply for scholarships! Even if you don't think you'll get them, still apply. And lastly, plan out your days to experience as much as you can while there, don't be intimidated or scared to take advantage of any free time.

One of the most important lessons Jessica learned while studying abroad or traveling: Always have a plan B, C and D as things can happen unexpectedly. You always need to be prepared, have backup plans in place, and make copies of all your plans/tickets/ID's just in case.