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Kylie Costello

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International Travel Specialist

Prior to joining the Global Education Office, Kylie worked as a Case Investigator and Contact Tracer on behalf of Arizona Department of Health Services. Kylie also has experience as a Travel Coordinator, where part of her work involved assisting with Kent State University’s Study Abroad program. When Kylie is not working or planning her next trip, she can be found in the mountains hiking or skiing in the winter.

Email: Kylie.Costello@asu.edu
Phone: (480) 965-0067 


  • B.S., Public Health; Kent State University

International Experience

  • Traveled abroad to Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Why Kylie works in global education: Traveling abroad is an important life experience, so it’s exciting to work in a field that supports that.

Advice for students preparing to go abroad: Learn about local customs, laws and etiquette before you go and be safe.

One of the most important lessons Kylie learned while studying abroad or traveling: Bring your passport or some form of ID everywhere, even if you are just driving. You may cross international borders and not realize it.