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Walton Global Sustainability Studies Scholarship

Scholarship information

General Eligibility:

The Walton Global Sustainability Studies Scholarship supports students who want to participate in a special learning experience about sustainability issues in other countries. This scholarship is only applicable for approved Global Sustainability Studies programs. Scholarship awards of approximately $1,000 will be awarded to a limited number of qualified students enrolled in School of Sustainability summer study abroad courses (SOS prefix courses.)

The following programs are eligible for the $1,000 scholarship:

  • Botswana: Sustainability, Wildlife and Conservation in the Okavango Delta
  • Hong Kong: Urban Sustainability in Hong Kong
  • Sustainability Challenges of the Wildlife Economy in South Africa

After applying for the program through the Global Education website, students should then apply for the Walton Scholarship. Awards will be based on intellectual curiosity for the subject being studied, maturity and readiness to engage in a group, global experience and an essay explaining how the chosen program will help them meet personal, professional, and academic goals.

Funding is made possible by a grant made to Arizona State University by the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation.


  1. Completed application through the ASU Global Education Office and accepted into a School of Sustainability approved Walton Global Sustainability program.
  2. Completed application for the Walton Global Sustainability Studies Scholarship.
  3. Not previously been enrolled in an ASU Study Abroad course.
  4. Not previously received a Walton Global Studies Scholarship.
  5. Minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA.
  6. In good standing in respective academic program.
  7. Agree to produce a professional reflection essay after completion of the summer program.
  8. Agree to complete any post-trip requirements described in the scholarship Terms of Agreement

Additional Policies: Scholarships are non-transferable between programs. If the program to which a student applied is cancelled, his/her scholarship award becomes void.

  • Multi-Country
Learn more and apply: https://scholarships.asu.edu/scholarship/4212


Award Amount:

Program Length:
  • 1 month - 6 months
  • Less than 1 month
Student Type:
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate
Citizenship Status:
  • Non-US citizens (including DACA recipients)
  • US citizens
Minimum GPA:
  • 2.75
Program Type:
  • Faculty-Directed
  • Global Intensive Experience
Terms Offered:
  • Post-Spring
  • Spring break
  • Summer