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Mirinda DiBiase

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Office Assistant for Marketing

Email: Mirinda.DiBiase@asu.edu

Phone: (480) 965-4307

Mirinda graduated from ASU with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication. After graduation, she worked at a nonprofit, Phoenix Center for the Arts, as a Design Manager helping to bring arts education to the Phoenix community for over seven years. She also currently volunteers her time and graphic design skills to another nonprofit, Voices for Social Justice, in her spare time. Mirinda assists in coordinating student outreach and marketing for Global Education programs through student recruitment efforts, digital media and event coordination. Mirinda likes to spend her weekends playing board and video games with friends and visiting family in Tucson.


  • B.S. Visual Communication; Arizona State University

Why Mirinda works in global education: I love learning about other people's experiences and memories of all the unique and amazing places they've been. It gets me excited to visit there myself one day.

Advice for students preparing to go abroad: Be open to new experiences and try not to limit yourself. Now is the time to explore, learn, and make amazing memories!

One of the most important lessons Mirinda learned while traveling: Be safe! Honestly, just being aware of your surroundings and knowing who to contact if anything should happen is always a good idea.