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Choosing a program

Choosing a Program

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We have a program for every Sun Devil. Whether you want to study abroad, complete international research, serve our global community or gain international internship experience, a GEO program will only enhance your college experience.


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How do you choose the best program for you?

Some questions to consider when choosing a program.


  • Do you need to complete major, minor, elective, or language credits?  Be sure to discuss your Global Education program with your Academic Advisor.
  • Would you like to focus on a new area of study during your program?
  • Would you prefer to take classes led by an ASU faculty member with only ASU students? Faculty-Directed Programs are for you.
  • Do you want to take classes in English with local students, international students, and American students while having access to on site professional staff? This program structure is usually available in Partnership Programs.
  • Do you want a very independent experience while taking classes at a local university in the local language?  This can be found through Exchange Programs.
  • Are you interested in an internship, research, or service learning opportunity as a part of your program?


  • Do you have a specific culture, region, or country of interest?
  • Would you prefer a traveling program with multiple destinations?
  • Would you prefer to live in a major metropolitan area, a small city, or a rural area?
  • How much time do you want to spend abroad – a couple weeks, an entire summer, a semester, an academic year, or a calendar year?
  • How much flexibility do you have for when you can study abroad? Can you only study abroad during a specific term?
  • Would you prefer to live with a host family, with local students, with other U.S. and international Global Education students, or with other ASU students?
  • Do you meet the admission requirements for your selected Global Education program?

  • Do you have at least a 2.0 GPA?

  • Are you Sophomore standing or higher (at least 24 credits completed prior to the Global Education program)?

  • Do you have any special needs such as a medical condition, learning disability, mental health condition or dietary restriction that may need accommodation or specialized resources while abroad?
Program options

Shorter term

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 Summer Faculty-Directed Programs

Program length:

  • 2-8 weeks during summer

Program type basics:

  • Led by ASU faculty member and classes are with other ASU students
  • Focuses on a specific subject or academic discipline
  • Receive direct, predetermined ASU course credit
  • Programs offered internationally and domestically

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 Global Intensive Experiences

Program length: 

  • 7-12 days during academic breaks — Spring Break and the breaks before/after the Fall and Spring semesters

Program type basics:

  • Led by ASU faculty members and classes are with other ASU students
  • Focuses on a specific subject or academic discipline
  • Can be embedded as part of a semester course at ASU, or added on to the beginning or end of a session A, B, or C course
  • Receive predetermined ASU course credit (often between 1-3 credits)
  • Programs offered internationally and domestically

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Longer term


 Partnership Programs 

Program length: 

  • Semester, summer, A/B sessions or yearlong

Program type basics: 

  • Enroll in courses at the host institution, and then earn equivalencies for ASU credit upon completion (internship credit may be available)
  • On-site staff available to assist students
  • Take classes with local, international and/or American students
  • Classes are often taught in English - foreign language experience may not be required
  • Visa guidance or services offered

Program fee: 

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 Exchange Programs

Program length: 

  • Semester, summer or yearlong

Program type basics:

  • Reciprocal exchange between ASU and a foreign university
  • Classes are with foreign university faculty and local students
  • Foreign language proficiency may be required. Classes often in the local language.
  • Most independent study abroad option. Students arrange their own flight, housing, visa, and excursions.

Program fee:

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