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Why YOU Should Participate in a Global Education Program

The Barrett Honors College highly encourages its students to enhance their educational experience by traveling.  Travel and study in the United States and beyond expands students’ global perspective and adds knowledge and awareness they cannot receive with just a basic university education. Our goal is to make all of our students embody the values of global citizenship that a holistic education represents.  Students who have completed study-travel programs report that it is their most important and meaningful educational experience, one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

A Message from Barrett, The Honors College

Today, no one will be able to be successful without having some familiarity with the world around them. That is an important element of an education, whether it’s in aerospace engineering or real estate or anthropology. In presenting the gold standard of education, it is all the more important for ASU’s Honors College to have a global component. -Barbara Barrett, former United States Ambassador to Finland, a trained astronaut, advisor to four American presidents on trade and defense policy and chair of the Aerospace Corporation. She and her husband, Craig Barrett, recently awarded a $2 million gift to ASU to support global citizenship programming in Barrett, The Honors College.

Planning Your Program

When to Participate in a Global Education Program

When to Participate in a Global Education Program

With advance planning, you should be able to fit a Global Education program within your four years at ASU. In Barrett we recommend that you first consider the program of your major and timeline for critical course requirements. Next, factor in your thesis/creative project timeline. Keep in mind that a thesis typically takes one semester of planning and then two semesters of execution. You may participate in a Global Education program during this time but may require extra planning and work on your part before you leave and when you return.

Year Term Recommended Student Action
Year 1 Fall
  • Learn about all Barrett travel opportunities including Great American Cities, Barrett Summer Study Abroad and Barrett Great Global Experience
  • Complete a summer travel program
Year 2

Optimal year to participate in a Global Education program
  • Identify a spring/summer Global Education program. Speak to your honors advisor about your plan for honors credits as you prepare to leave and when you return.
  • Complete a spring semester or spring break Global Education program. Prepare for fall Global Education programs.
  • Complete a summer Global Education program
Year 3

Optimal year to participate in a Global Education program
  • Complete Global Education program or fall break program.
  • Return and get back on track with honors credits and confirm thesis/creative project plans.
Year 4 Fall - Spring
  • Honors Thesis/Creative Project Process
  • Applications for professional school, graduate programs and employment.

General Advice

General Advice

Advice from Barrett, The Honors College

  • Be sure to consult with your academic advisors and map out your course requirements to determine options on the best time to participate in a Global Education program.
  • Consider traveling with Barrett through one of the Global Intensive Experience Programs or Summer Faculty-Led Programs.
  • All of Barrett's Programs are led by experienced Barrett Honors Professors and uphold Barrett Community Standards on the trip.
  • You can expect a high quality academic experience with only Barrett students on our trips.
  • Going on a group trip will mean access to cultural experiences that would be difficult to get as an individual traveller.
  • Global Education programs are a great way for students who live off campus to meet and make friends with other Barrett students.

Meet With Your Honors Advisor

Meet With Your Honors Advisor

How to make an appointment

Key questions to ask

  • What are my remaining honors requirements?
  • Can Global Education programs help me to earn these honors credits or are other ways a better fit for me? Ex. Honors sections, enrichment contracts, research.
  • How can study abroad positively impact my thesis/creative project process?
  • How does a Global Education program fit with plans for my major?

Meet With the Global Education Office

Meet With the Global Education Office

Meeting with a Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors are ASU students who have participated in various types of programs and who are here to help you get started on a journey of your own!  They are prepared to help you understand the different types of programs offered, narrow down your program options, guide you on the application process, discuss program costs, and speak about student life abroad.

No appointments are necessary to meet with a Peer Advisor.

  • Stop by the Global Education Office anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Contact a Peer Advisor by email.
  • Call a Peer Advisor at (480) 965-5965.

Meeting with an International Coordinator

Your International Coordinator can answer your questions about specific programs, can talk you through the application process, and can help you find funding resources for your particular program on the Global Education Office website. Your International Coordinator is happy to meet with you multiple times to answer your questions, and he/she would be glad to schedule meetings in person, by phone, or via Skype.

  • Find the name of your International Coordinator listed on the Study Abroad Office webpage for your program of interest.
  • Schedule an appointment online. Click on the International Coordinator name for your program of interest and follow the prompts to schedule your appointment.
  • Visit an International Coordinator during walk-in hours in Student Services Building, Room 278.

Key questions to ask the Global Education Office

  • What are the eligibility requirements for my program(s) or interest?
  • What is involved in the application for my program(s) of interest? Is admission to the program competitive?
  • How will I get ASU credit and grades for the courses I take abroad?
  • What courses are available on my program? How can I get courses approved for my program(s) of interest?
  • What is the cost of participating in my program(s) of interest? What do I need to consider in preparing an estimated budget for my program(s) of interest, and what expenses do I need to plan for upfront?
  • Where can I find more information about scholarships for Global Education programs?

Research Your Funding Options

Research Your Funding Options

Pursuing a global experience is an investment in your future. Like any other type of investment, it requires careful planning and management. However, the personal, academic, and professional rewards that you will gain from this experience will last a lifetime. You should carefully consider costs, budgets, and financing when selecting and preparing for your global experience.

Review Cost Sheet

You can find a Cost Sheet for your program on the Cost Info tab of the Global Education Office webpage for your program. The Cost Sheet will highlight the costs that are billed to your student account as well as additional estimated costs that are not billed to your student account but that you might expect to spend while participating. Be sure to note what expenses are included in the fees charged by the Global Education Office, and remember to budget additional money for airfare, passport and visa fees and personal expenses as needed since these are not included in any Program Fee.

Research Funding

Once you have reviewed the Cost Sheet for your program and are aware of the costs you might expect to spend on your program, you can begin to make a plan for financing your global education program. You can receive funding for your program through financial aid, scholarships and grants, and community-based fundraising efforts. We encourage you to:

  1. Speak to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services (FASS) about financial aid;
  2. Use our Scholarships and Grants page to search for general global education scholarships and scholarships that are unique to your program;
  3. Read the Community-Based Funding Guide for creative ways that past ASU students have funded their programs.

Financial Aid

We encourage you to speak to a Financial Aid Counselor, who can help you figure out how your financial aid might be applied to your global education program. Be sure to seek answers to the following questions from a Financial Aid Counselor:

  • How do loans work for my global education program? What kinds of aid/loans do I currently receive, and are there any restrictions on this aid if I participate on a GEO program?
  • Have I reached the maximum of (insert name of) loan allowed per academic year?
  • When will funds be released for my semester of participation?
  • How will additional scholarships impact my ASU financial aid?

Barrett Scholarships

For Barrett specific trips consider applying for a Barrett travel scholarship (applications due each Fall semester).

Community-Based Funding

Check out the Global Education Office website to learn more about community-based funding, including tips and tricks for crowd-source funding. There is funding out there… you just have to ask!

Attend Financing Workshop

Would you like help learning about your financing options? We offer Financing Your Global Education Program Workshops through fall and spring semesters. Join us to learn how to finance your global education program through financial aid, scholarships and grants, and community-based funding.

Helpful Links

Studying abroad with Barrett was truly an opportunity of a lifetime, and I am so extremely thankful to have endeavored on such an amazing educational experience.  Initially when I began looking into the program, I was nervous as I pictured myself traveling abroad for the first time in my life. However, after researching the educational opportunities involved in the program and the activities that I would experience, it was impossible to say no.
-Heather Udowitch, member of Sun Devil Gymnastics

Traveling to multiple places while studying with colleagues is a unique opportunity and experience that not only you learn about yourself and the people around you, but you also develop connections with the world — academically and culturally.  
-Julio Jr. Buntan, Applied Biological Sciences (Pre-Vet) Major.

Recommended Programs

Although students in Barrett, The Honor College can participate in any ASU study abroad program, Barrett recommends the following programs.

Program Type: Faculty-Directed
Available Terms: Summer
Country: Italy
Unique Features: Students enrolled in this program will have the unique opportunity to explore Bologna, a stunning city located in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. Students will take a cooking class with an Italian chef, visit a Parmigiano Reggiano farm in the countryside, and sample gelato at one of the famous gelaterias. Learn about Italian/world film history and preservation while attending Il Cinema Ritrovato, a world-renowned film festival. Earn six upper-division honors credit.
Program Type: Faculty-Directed
Available Terms: Summer
Country: France
Unique Features: This program will be headquartered in the capital city of Paris, the world's number one tourist destination, and include an excursion through the beautiful and culturally rich region of Normandy. Coursework will focus on the history, art, architecture and literature of France from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. Emphasis will be placed on connections to current global issues and on developing each student's cultural competencies.
Program Type: Exchange
Available Terms: Fall, Spring
Country: Singapore
Unique Features: ASU's Barrett, the Honors College participates in a student exchange program with National University of Singapore's (NUS) University Scholars Program (USP). USP is NUS's honors program, and Barrett students on exchange at NUS have the opportunity to enroll in specially-designed honors courses. Honors students can also take courses outside of the NUS USP and will still receive the additional USP resources for housing, activities, and more. Preference for admission to this program will be given to Barrett students.
Program Type: Exchange
Available Terms: Fall, Spring
Country: Netherlands
Unique Features: Study abroad in Groningen, a colourful, compact university city with a rich history, where everything is within easy walking/ cycling distance. The city has a friendly, vibrant atmosphere, and was recently voted as the happiest city in Europe (European Commission). It is possible for Barrett students to earn Barrett honors credit when taking classes through the University College Groningen. All classes are taught in English, and no prior knowledge of Dutch is required for this program.