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Events and Resources for Returned Students

Events and resources for returned students

Welcome back!

Global Education programs can be life-changing. We hope that you have had an exceptional overseas experience and that you will capitalize on this by continuing to interact in Global Education related activities. Explore the tabs below for more information on how you can reflect, connect and look ahead!

Once you've been on a Global Education program, it's common to want to go abroad again! We both support and encourage that and have many options available through the Global Education Office and beyond. Explore the resources below for more information. 

Intern Abroad

Spend at least six weeks abroad interning with an organization or company related to your field while earning ASU credit. Read more about our internship programs abroad here.

Participate in a Global Education Program Again

We have programs as short as a week, as long as a year and everything in between. Ready to go abroad for a longer period of time? Search by Term and narrow down your options from there.

Search programs

Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Fellowships

ASU’s Office of National Scholarship Advisement (ONSA) works with students from all five campuses to compete for national fellowship awards. ONSA offers individualized advising for over 70 programs, many of which include an international component. Visit www.onsa.asu.edu to learn more about our office and search our fellowship database. 

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship –  The Gilman Scholarship offers grants to American undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. The application is open to students who are receiving a Federal Pell Grant. All majors are encouraged to apply. Must be studying or interning abroad at least three weeks in one country.

Boren Awards are for undergraduate and graduate student program participation outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand

  • Scholarship: for U.S. undergraduate students studying less commonly taught languages in regions critical to U.S. interest in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East
  • Fellowship: for U.S. graduate students studying less commonly taught languages in regions critical to U.S. interest in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) – CLS is a fully-funded summer program that provides overseas foreign language instruction and cultural enrichment experiences in 13 different languages. Open to undergraduate students with U.S. citizenship.

Killam Fellowship - The Killam Fellowships Program allows undergraduate students from the United States to spend one semester or a full academic year as an exchange student in Canada.

DAAD-RISE – The RISE program offers 300 grants to American undergraduates within the STEM field. Students intern for one summer at a top German university and gain international research experience.  German language proficiency not required.

Fulbright US Student Program - The Fulbright Program annually awards 2,000 grants to support graduate study, independent research, teaching, and artistic practice abroad. Open to rising seniors and graduate students with U.S. citizenship. 

After Graduation  

Teach Abroad  

Volunteer Abroad

Peace Corps

Peace Corps is an international service organization of the United States. Volunteers make a difference through meaningful service and serve in more than 70 countries. ASU offers many ways for students to explore, engage and prepare for Peace Corps service after graduation.

The ASU Peace Corps Prep Certificate Program will help you acquire the knowledge, skills and experience needed to service in the U.S. Peace Corps.

PDF to Peace Corps Roadmap: https://eoss.asu.edu/sites/default/files/Peace_Corps_Roadmap_Flyer_3.pdf

Let us know you are open to speaking with other students about your experience on a Global Education program or want to hear more information about returned student events.

Global Education Office Opportunities

Connect with Us

  • Enter our Photo contest.
  • Join the conversation on our social media channels! Check us out on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram (use #SunDevilsAbroad to share pictures and tweets about your study abroad experience!)
  • Have a study abroad blog? Share it with us, and we'd love to feature you on our social media.

Work for Us

  • Want to share your passion for Global Education with other ASU students? Apply to become a Recruiter for the Global Education Office. The number of openings and frequency vary, and all vacancies will be posted on ASU Student Employment site, on our social media channels and you will be notified via email.
    • Recruiters guide students on getting started on pursuing a global education program, provide administrative support to staff, give presentations and table at events.

Opportunities Across Campus

Peace Corps Club

  • Join the club and learn more about what serving in the Peace Corps entails. Volunteers make a difference through meaningful service that tackles the most pressing needs of people around the world and develop cross-cultural, leadership, language, teaching and community development skills.
  • Regular meetings every Wednesday 5-6 p.m.

Meet Current ASU International Students

  • Join the International Students and Scholars Center for weekly Coffee and Conversations every Friday from 3-4 p.m. in the SSV Amphitheater. Snacks and coffee provided!
  • Become a volunteer at Global Launch and make meaningful connections with international students studying English at ASU. Apply here. Questions may be sent to Linda Hill at linda.hill@asu.edu.

Become a Global Guide

  • Apply to be an ASU Global Guide to help new international students when they first arrive at ASU.  Click here to apply.

Subscribe to the International Student eNewsletter

  • Stay current on all things international at ASU. Email ise@asu.edu to subscribe.

Learn About Paid Service Opportunities 

  • Apply your passions and skills to create positive social change in our local and global communities through high-impact opportunities. Engage in service, civic leadership and social entrepreneurship in a variety of settings: nonprofit organizations, schools, government agencies and community- and faith-based groups. Begin making your impact today and explore paid service opportunities, such as AmeriCorpsPeace Corps and Teach For America.
  • Learn more: https://eoss.asu.edu/makeyourimpact 

To help you capitalize on the investment you made participating in a Global Education program, learn how to leverage it as you grow as a working professional. Whether it's to land that sought-after internship, to go abroad again or to get your foot in the door in your desired industry, Global Education is a powerful springboard into your next step when you know how to articulate it appropriately.

ASU Career Development Resources

International Jobs

You’ve successfully navigated another culture or cultures and now you’re returning home. Welcome back!

Coming home to the familiar can be exciting and comforting, as you’re able to re-connect with friends and family, eat favorite foods and enjoy the places and experiences that you missed while away. At the same time, you may feel homesick for where you studied, miss your new friends, be conflicted or confused about aspects of U.S. American culture or experience general feelings of frustration, sadness or upheaval. All of these feelings vary between individuals and are perfectly normal.

To help you reflect on your time abroad and navigate the variety of emotions that come along with returning home, we’ve put together some resources below.

Share Your Experience

Want to inspire other students by sharing how Global Education impacted you and why others should do the same? Fill out our Returned Students Profile form and you could be featured on your program's brochure, our website, social media and more. You can also get added to our Returned Students Network so future study abroad students can connect with you about your experience.

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Resources and Ideas for Reflection and Action

  • Life After Study Abroad website: This website has a multitude of resources that help you answer the question, “now what?”
  • Unpack Your Experience: A list of resources and as well as concrete ideas to connect to your experience abroad and “unpack” everything you’ve brought home with you.
  • Reverse Culture Shock: Expectation vs. Reality: An article that examines what you might expect when returning home, and some of the realities that you actually confront (psst: this isn’t a question of good or bad, positive or negative - just that what you expect of re-entry may be different than what your experience!)
  • Re-entry 101: This video looks at some of the research of re-entry to show just how normal the rollercoaster of emotions upon coming home really is.
  • Advice from the Peace Corps: The Peace Corps has been sending people abroad for two-year stints for decades. Take advantage of their experience and knowledge in sending thousands of volunteers abroad each year.

 Personal Stories of Reverse Culture Shock - and How to Manage

On-Campus Resources

  • ASU Counseling Center: If you need to talk to someone about your experience adjusting back to life on campus
  • TAO Connect: TAO Connect provides tools for managing stress, calming your worry, improving your mood and enhancing your relationships. It is a great self-help tool for emotional wellbeing that supports your success while at ASU.  TAO can be accessed 24/7 from your smart phone or computer. To sign up, click on the "sign-up in self-help" and use your @asu.edu email address.