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ASU Travel Medicine Clinic

If your ASU Global Education program includes a stay in one or more higher health risk locations such as Africa, Central/South America, China, Eastern Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, or Southeast Asia, you will be required to visit the ASU Health Services Travel Medicine Clinic as a condition of participating in the program.  More details will be provided to you during the application process.  This visit is not required for students traveling to low health risk locations (such as Australia, Canada, Europe, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the UK or Ireland) unless prompted by the Global Education Office, based on any health conditions you disclose within the ASU Student Health Questionnaire in your online Global Education application.

Why You Should Go

One of the primary benefits of visiting the ASU Travel Medicine Clinic is to get the advice from a travel medicine provider on how to navigate the healthcare system in your specific program location(s) and how to manage any major or minor health conditions while abroad, which is information your own doctor may not be able to effectively provide. This includes things like taking and filling medications, understanding how the new location and/or the stresses of travel may exacerbate any existing conditions, and accessing local resources on-site. Depending on where your program is located, there may also be required and recommended vaccinations, medicines needed to prevent certain diseases like Malaria, or other health advice that may help you to maximize your learning experience abroad. Note that some vaccinations require 2-4 weeks before they are effective.

Scheduling Your Appointment

To schedule a travel medicine appointment with ASU Health Services, call (480) 965-3349. When you call to schedule your appointment, please keep the following in mind:

  • Be sure to let the people at the appointment desk know that you are a Global Education student.
  • Be prepared to provide them with your travel itinerary (or at least a list of the countries you will be visiting).
  • Plan to bring your immunization (shot) records with you to your appointment.
  • You will be required to complete an International Travel Questionnaire in advance of scheduling your appointment - you may do this in person at ASU Health Services or you may fax it to the location where you would like to complete your appointment.  

PLEASE NOTE: ASU Health Services is not able to offer appointments to ASU Online students. If you are an ASU Online or Lake Havasu student and cannot visit an on-campus Travel Medicine Clinic, please contact the Associate Director of International Health, Safety and Security in the ASU Global Education Office to request details on your possible alternatives.

Cost & Insurance Info

Complete cost and payment details are available at the ASU Health Services website. ASU Health Services accepts most health insurances to pay for your travel visit and/or physical exam. However, some insurance policies will not cover any travel-related medical expenses, including travel clinic appointments and/or vaccinations, so be sure to inquire with your insurance provider on coverage details so that there are no unanticipated expenses.

PLEASE NOTE: ASU Health Services is unable to offer appointments to patients with certain insurance policies (such as some AHCCCS plans). If you discover that you cannot be seen by ASU Health Services because of your insurance policy, please contact the Associate Director of International Health, Safety and Security in the ASU Global Education Office to request details on your possible alternatives.


Please contact ASU Health Services, or your International Coordinator in the Global Education Office, with any questions or concerns you have about this requirement.