Helpful Resources


Tips to Developing a Faculty-Directed Program – Guidelines to help faculty think through different aspects of a faculty-directed program and create a program that has the highest chance of success.

General Timeline for Faculty-Directed Programs – Provides a month-by-month timeline of tasks and responsibilities for developing a faculty-directed program 

Instructions and Checklist for Proposing a Faculty-Directed Program – Brief checklist highlighting the key tasks required to launch a faculty-directed program and including the proposal deadlines.

Map of Program Providers– Map showing the locations in which specific service providers are operating

Global Education Office Faculty/Staff Statement of Responsibility – Learn what is expected of program leaders by reviewing this document, which you will be asked to digitally sign if your program proposal is accepted. 

Guidance Regarding Companions and Dependents – Overview of who program leaders are allowed to bring with them on programs and the tasks they will need to complete with regard to those companions or dependents.

ASU Faculty Director Handbook – Contains detailed information about every step of developing and leading a faculty-directed programs, including proposing a program, pre-departure information, budgets, emergency preparation and protocols, working with students on-site, and end of program processes.

ASU Faculty-Directed Programs Marketing Toolkit – Site containing robust resources to help faculty directors market and recruit for their programs, including sections on the benefits of faculty-directed programs, how to market to Gen Z students, marketing timelines by term, and marketing strategies.

Faculty Director Digital Resource Collection – Google drive containing examples of successful faculty-directed program proposals, e-mail templates, marketing and event ideas, resources for pre-departure orientations, tools for on-site facilitation.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide – Step-by-step guide for dealing with emergency situations while abroad.  (Click here for the domestic version of this document.)