Who Can Lead a Program?

Program Staffing

All programs must be led by two ASU personnel, including at least one ASU faculty member.  All instruction must be conducted by faculty. There are strict guidelines governing who is eligible to serve as the faculty director and the support staff on a program.  Please see the full eligibility requirements in the ASU Faculty Director Handbook or discuss with your International Coordinator when proposing program staff.

ASU is deeply committed to positioning itself as one of the great new universities by seeking to build excellence, enhance access and have an impact on our community, state, nation and the world. To do that requires our faculty and staff to reflect the intellectual, gender, ethnic and cultural diversity of our nation and world so that our students learn from the broadest perspectives. When identifying faculty for faculty-directed programs, the colleges must consider diversity and inclusion, including gender diversity, in program leadership. When programs are directed by two men or two women, it is recommended to diversify the support team with a third employee (in a non-teaching role, if necessary) to develop a team of two men/one woman or two women/one man, when possible.

Faculty members who need assistance in identifying a support faculty or staff member should submit a proposal without naming support individuals three months ahead of the posted deadlines below.  The Global Education Office will work with the Global Education Faculty Advisory Committee to find potential candidates.