Proposing a Program

Program Proposal Deadlines

The ideal planning time for a program is 12-18 months out from the term for which you are proposing.  All new and continuing program proposals and faculty/staff will be reviewed and approved by the following:

  • Proposer’s Chair/Director and Dean
  • Global Education Office (Director, Associate Director of International Health, Safety, and Security)
  • Office of the University Provost (Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, University Provost)

Please see the following table for the deadlines per program term. These deadlines will go into effect for programs being proposed for the 2022-2023 academic year. For Summer 2022, Pre-Fall 2022 and Fall Semester 2022 programs, proposals will still be accepted for the September 1, 2021 deadline.

August 1

November 1

April 1



Fall Semester

Winter Break


Spring Semester

Spring Break


Proposal Documents & Review Criteria

For international and domestic programs, complete and submit the Faculty-Directed Global Education Program Proposal & Program Overview and a Syllabus for each course offered on the program by the posted deadline.

To propose a Global Online Education program, please complete this File Proposal Form and a Syllabus, and then email to your International Coordinator when completed. 

Please note that submission of a proposal is not a guarantee that it will be approved. Because the volume of programs has outpaced student demand for this type of global education experience, program proposals will be evaluated based on a number of criteria such as:

  • Health and safety considerations in the proposed destination 
  • Logistical practicalities of proposed program including affordability
  • Anticipated student demand
  • Enrollment history of program if previously proposed
  • Ability of established Global Education Office partners to support proposed program
  • International Coordinator capacity

 If your program is not approved, you are invited to resubmit the following year.

Emergency Academic Continuity Plan

Each faculty leader will be responsible for submitting an Emergency Academic Continuity Plan to the Global Education Office. In this document, lead faculty will be required to identify ASU employees not already affiliated with the GEO program (i.e., faculty, staff, or qualified graduate student) to serve as a back-up for each proposed program leader in case of emergency, either before the start of the program or while the program is in session. If both program leaders are teaching ASU courses on the GEO program, the identified back-ups must have the appropriate credentials to deliver those ASU courses. The GEO requests that the faculty leader submit a completed Emergency Academic Continuity Plan to the appropriate International Coordinator by the student application deadline.  Programs will not be confirmed without having this completed form on file.