Benefits and Responsibilities


Programs facilitated by the Global Education Office—both international and domestic—offer numerous benefits to faculty and students.  

 For faculty:

  • Significantly enhances one’s teaching, research, and service
  • Provides global competence which can then be shared with students
  • Affords an opportunity for meaningful connections with students in smaller group settings
  • Adds experiential learning objectives to one’s courses
  • Provides a fully-supported method for one to travel and conduct academic work in different locations

For students:

  • Classes are taught by ASU faculty
  • Students earn credit towards their major, minor and/or degree program
  • Programs are pre-planned and structured
  • Programs are sponsored by ASU departments/schools/colleges
  • Students have the opportunity to build strong connections with ASU faculty members

Faculty Responsibilities

While it can be very rewarding to lead your own program, faculty directors do take on a host of responsibilities.  These include:

  • Completing and submitting the Program and Academic Description form and Syllabus template
  • Assisting with budget development in partnership with an International Coordinator in the Global Education Office
  • Coordinating program logistics (housing, meals, transportation) with the support of an International Coordinator
  • Arranging and managing program academics (syllabus, textbooks, international/domestic partners, guest lecturers, etc.) with the support of an International Coordinator
  • Actively promoting program to obtain target enrollment
  • Reviewing applications and selecting participants
  • Facilitating a site-specific pre-departure orientation
  • Completing mandatory pre-departure preparation , including the Emergency Preparedness and Response Seminar (every other year) and one other workshop (every year)
  • Providing an on-site orientation upon arrival in host location
  • Managing and adhering to the approved budget on site
  • Responding to student misconduct, behavioral/personal problems
  • Remaining on-call 24/7 for emergency response procedures
  • Submitting receipts within 7 days of program end date

GEO Support

While faculty leaders do have a host of responsibilities, the Global Education Office is here to help!  Here are just a few of the ways in which we provide support to program leaders:

  • Work with program leaders to create safe, geographically unique, academically sound, and fiscally responsible programs
  • Provide guidance regarding best practices for global education programming
  • Aid with logistical arrangements
  • Create and manage program budget in conjunction with the Faculty Director
  • Manage all liability documents
  • Assist with program promotion in coordination with Faculty Director
  • Review applications and select participants
  • Give regular enrollment updates on program numbers
  • Oversee billing and financial transactions
  • Offer student advising and assistance with pre-departure orientations
  • Provide emergency support
  • Initiate and facilitate post-program evaluations