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Information about applying for graduation is available at http://students.asu.edu/graduation. If you intend to graduate at the conclusion of your term abroad, make sure you file for graduation prior to leaving ASU for your program abroad, or before the posted deadline.*

NOTE: Graduate students cannot waive any thesis, project or defense deadlines.

Important Information for Partnership and Exchange Program Participants

Plan your graduation date ahead of time. If you plan to graduate at the conclusion of your term abroad, or the semester after you return, you will be unable to attend your commencement ceremony if commencement occurs prior to the end date of your partnership or exchange program.  However, your degree may be retroactively posted even if your program ends after the ASU semester is over, as long as your graduation requirements will have been met by the completion of the overseas program and you have applied for graduation prior to the graduation deadline.  
Remember that your ASU course equivalencies may not be entered on your ASU records until the end of the term following your Global Education program.  For example, credits and grades for a spring semester participant may not be reflected on your ASU transcript until the end of the following fall semester.  However, in the case that the updating of your academic record does not happen by the graduation application deadline, you should still apply for graduation.
Please note that completing the Course Equivalency Request requirements by the specified deadline will help avoid unnecessary delays in the posting of your Global Education program academic record and graduation. 

*If you are still registered in the SAO 196/596 placeholder course at the time you wish to apply for graduation, you will still be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies and to have your name and degree listed in the commencement book.