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Course Equivalency requests

Partnership and Exchange Program Participants 

If there is a specific foreign course you would like to complete on an ASU Partnership or Exchange program (or are currently taking on a Partnership or Exchange program) that is not currently published with a status of In Process or Active on the Global Education Office (GEO) website, you are required submit an online Course Equivalency Request.

PLEASE NOTE: ASU cannot process Course Equivalency Requests unless and until your provide ALL of the following information:

  • Course Equivalency Request Form – you may submit up to five (5) requests per form. Detailed instructions on how to complete this form are available here.
  • Course Syllabus – diplomas and/or certificates of completion are NOT accepted.  Make sure to review this resource for additional information on details on what must be included in a course syllabus.*

*Some foreign institutions do not provide course syllabi (e.g. some universities in France, Germany, Japan, and China).  Students who cannot provide a course syllabus will be expected to provide course materials to your GEO International Coordinator upon return.
You may submit Course Equivalency Requests at any time before, during or after your Global Education program.  However, you are expected to submit all Course Equivalency Requests within the first three weeks of your Global Education program (whichever comes first). 

PLEASE NOTE: It may take 1-2 months from the time a Course Equivalency Request is submitted for the ASU course equivalency to be approved and published on the Global Education Office website.


The Global Education Office strives to post all program credits and grades by the end of the term following the Global Education program (e.g., spring semester grades should be posted by the conclusion of the following fall semester).  Students will receive a confirmation email from GEO when the study abroad credits/grades have been posted in the ASU system.

Don’t forget that ASU cannot post your final study abroad credits and grades until:

ASU course equivalencies have been established for all foreign courses taken while abroad, AND…

GEO has received a final, official foreign transcript.

You may check the status of your requests in the My Study Abroad Courses section of the Transfer Credit Guide.
To check the status of a Course Equivalency Request on the GEO website, please review the list of foreign courses for your program by clicking on the Course Info tab on the top of the program brochure. Newly submitted Course Equivalency Requests will be added to this list, with a status of In Process, within 7-10 business days from receipt of your request. 
Once approved, the GEO will change the “Course Equivalency Approval Status” for the foreign course from In Process to Active.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be notified by email when your request has been completed/approved.

How do I view pre-approved courses for my study abroad program?
The ASU Global Education Office (GEO) publishes a list of pre-approved ASU course equivalencies for every Partnership and Exchange program on our website.

  • To view a list of pre-approved courses for a particular program, click on the Course Info tab at the top of the program brochure, then click the View Pre-Approved Courses button. That link will direct you to a list of courses offered at the partner institution, along with information on any pre-approved ASU equivalencies for those courses.
  • Students are not required to submit Course Equivalency Requests for those foreign courses already published on our website with a “Course Equivalency Approval Status” of In Process or Active at the time of application, as long as the course in question has the same course title, code and credit value.

The time it takes to evaluate a course depends on a variety of factors. During high-volume periods (the summer and the weeks immediately prior to the start of a semester), evaluations take longer than two weeks. In an effort to minimize the time to evaluate your courses, please only submit your course request one time. If you have been notified that courses have been submitted for you, or if you need to provide updates, syllabi, or if you made errors if your original submission, please do not resubmit a request for evaluation. Instead, email articulation@asu.edu with updates or additional information.

It may take 1-2 months from the time a Course Equivalency Request is submitted for the ASU course equivalency to be approved and published with a “Course Equivalency Approval Status” of Active on the Global Education Office (GEO) website. 

To check on the status of a Course Equivalency Request that you’ve submitted, please review the My Study Abroad Courses section of the Transfer Credit Guide. You will be notified of the evaluation via email as each course evaluation is completed.

All lower-division course work is evaluated by highly trained staff in the Office of the University Provost using standard ASU criteria established by faculty in all disciplines and subject areas. All upper-division course work, in addition to some highly complex or specialized lower-division course work, is evaluated by ASU faculty in the academic area that offers comparable courses at ASU.

ASU has approved credit and grade conversion scales for all Partnership and Exchange programs, which should be used as a guideline for determining how a particular credit amount or grade at your host institution will be reflected on your ASU transcript.  These scales are published in the Course Info tab at the top of the program brochure, then click the View Pre-Approved Courses button.  If you do not see a conversion scale published for your program, please contact the appropriate GEO International Coordinator for additional information. 

If a Global Education course has been approved as equivalent to an ASU course that already carries one or more General Studies designations (e.g. HU, SB, L, etc.), then those General Studies requirements will be marked as complete within DARS (after your Global Education credits/grades have been posted by GEO).  If a Global Education course has been approved as equivalent to a Special Topics course (e.g. 194, 394, etc.), then those equivalent courses may or may not carry General Studies designations.  If you wish to petition to have a Global Education course fulfill a General Studies requirement, you should contact the College of your primary major to determine if/how such a petition is possible.

You can graduate from ASU as planned, but you will not receive a diploma until the Global Education program credits and grades have been posted to your official ASU transcript.  Your ASU degree will reflect a graduation date based on when all degree requirements were completed, not when the Global Education academic record was updated.  
The Global Education Office (GEO) places a high priority on processing academic records for graduating students.  You will receive an email confirmation from the GEO once the Global Education credits/grades have been posted to your ASU transcript.  The Graduation Section of the University Registrar’s Office will also be notified, and is prepared to then expedite the issuing of your degree.

Yes. To avoid any potential problems with scholarship renewal, if you receive an ASU merit-based scholarship, you should submit all Course Equivalency Requests prior to the host institution’s drop-add deadline, or within the first three weeks of your study abroad program (whichever comes first).  Merit Scholarship recipients should contact ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services directly for more information pertaining to scholarship renewal.

ASU’s partner institutions and program providers send foreign transcripts directly to the Global Education Office, generally within 1 - 4 months after the conclusion of the program (though the actual timing depends on a number of variables).  Once the Global Education Office has received your official transcript, you can view a copy within the My Documents section of your ASU Global Education program application.

Additional resources

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