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Partnership Internship Programs

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Internships offer the opportunity for international experiential training, and this means they fall under unique guidelines.  Internships are special courses for which written pre-approval from your ASU department is required to be on file with the Global Education Office prior to departure.  If you wish to receive credit for an internship abroad, you must submit an Internship Coordinator Review Form as part of your ASU Global Education program application. You cannot receive ASU credit for an internship completed abroad if you do not obtain this approval.  You also need to be aware of the limitations of your department regarding the number of credits that can be awarded for an internship experience.  For example, if you participate on an internship through your host institution that is worth nine credits, ASU will only acknowledge the number of credits approved for internship as pre-approved by the appropriate ASU department.  Internship courses at ASU are typically only worth 3-6 credits. 

Although your host institution may designate a letter grade for your internship completion, if the equivalent for that internship is only offered as ‘pass/fail’ at ASU, you may be limited to receiving a ‘pass/fail’ grade on your ASU record.  Under such circumstances, ‘pass’ credit will be awarded for a grade of “C” or better.

Students who complete a service learning project as part of a Partnership or Exchange program may not be eligible to receive ASU academic credit for the service hours completed abroad. Exceptions may be possible, but will require pre-approval from an ASU academic unit.  Students interested in completing volunteer/service work while participating in a Partnership or Exchange program should contact your Global Education Office International Coordinator to discuss your options.

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