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Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities that require accommodations are welcomed and strongly encouraged to participate in Global Education programs. Advanced planning is essential because of the additional time often required to determine the type and availability of accommodations in foreign countries. The Global Education Office (GEO), in collaboration with Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services (SAILS), will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for ASU students participating in Global Education programs.

Consider the following recommendations as you prepare to participate in any GEO program:

Getting Started

  • Plan and communicate early with advisors at SAILS and GEO, even if you are just thinking about participating and don’t have a specific program or destination in mind. The earlier you can start this process, the better. We recommend that you being planning at least one year in advance of your Global Education program.
  • Research various Global Education program options. Consider the connections to your educational and personal goals as well as the requirements for acceptance to a Global Education program.
  • Register with SAILS as soon as possible. If you have not previously registered, you can register here. If you are already registered, please reach out to your Access Consultant in SAILS to discuss what accommodations you anticipate needing during your Global Education program. You can connect with them directly, by calling (480) 965-1234, or by emailing Student.Accessibility@asu.edu.
  • Grant permission for your Access Consultant to speak with GEO.

Understanding what you need

  • Explore resources related to study abroad and disability. Start by checking out the below resources, including several sites that can help you explore information about accommodations and studying abroad as a person with a disability.
  • Gather information from your departmental academic advisor as soon as possible. Discuss how Global Education programs can fit with your academic program.
  • Understand that accommodations in other countries may look different than in the United States. Keep in mind that due to differing environments, you may need accommodations or assistance abroad that you may not typically need in the United States. This could include transportation, housing, and course accommodations. If you are unsure what you may need, we encourage you to follow the suggestions on this page and begin the conversation with SAILS as early as possible.

Tips before applying to a program

  • Review the Special Considerations tab on the online brochure for your program(s) of interest, which will detail physical and other considerations, for both your program and the destination country.
  • Attend events and information sessions held by GEO.
  • Narrow your options to one or two programs of interest.
  • Speak to the International Coordinator in GEO responsible for your selected site(s).
  • Develop a budget and a financial plan for accomplishing your goal. Different students may have different budgetary needs while studying abroad. It is essential all students consider their budget and their expenses. If you feel you will have disability-related expenses to prepare for, such as personal care needs, contact your Access Consultant in SAILS to discuss further.
  • Select a Global Education program and apply!

Other considerations related to accommodations abroad

Depending on the program, there may be a great deal of walking or the regular use of public transportation. GEO cannot guarantee access to public transportation, buildings, or public sites on any Global Education program.

Although ASU cannot guarantee the accessibility of all program sites, students with disabilities can and do participate in Global Education programs. Upon request, GEO can provide information about the availability of accommodations and accessible facilities on the specific program and can help you determine whether your preferred program can meet your accessibility needs.

If you need accommodations, you need to register with SAILS as soon as possible and request accommodations. Be sure to also complete the ASU Student Health Questionnaire within your Global Education program application and disclose any health, physical or learning difficulties before confirming your participation in the program. We strongly encourage you to communicate early and often.* The sooner you request accommodations, the better ASU is able to identify reasonable accommodations.

*Due to the complexity of accommodation requests related to a Global Education program, we strongly recommend that you complete the ASU Student Health Questionnaire for GEO and submit accommodation requests to SAILS at least 60 days before your program departure date. If requests for accommodations related to health, physical or learning barriers are not received by SAILS at least 60 days prior to the program departure date, the request may not be accommodated. Even if requests are received within 60 days of your program departure date, in all cases there is no guarantee that request can be accommodated. For questions or concerns, you can contact SAILS at (480) 965-1234 or GEO at (480) 965-5965.