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Non-ASU students


While most ASU Global Education programs are available to only degree-seeking ASU students, some programs may be available to non-ASU students. Any non-ASU student interested in participating in an ASU Global Education program should contact an International Coordinator in the Global Education Office to discuss available options.


Steps to Participate in a Global Education Program for Non-ASU Students

  1. Apply for admission to ASU as a nondegree or visiting university student. In order to be eligible for participation, all non-ASU students must first be accepted to ASU. ASU alumni and ASU students who will be graduating before their program begins are also required to re-apply as a nondegree student.  
    1. Important Notes: 
    • Students who have previously graduated or will be graduating with a Bachelors degree before their desired program begins, must apply as a nondegree graduate student. 
    • Students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree at another university and will not have completed a Bachelors degree before their desired program begins, must apply as a visiting university student.
    • Students who are currently enrolled in high school, or are a high school graduate and are not currently enrolled at another university, must apply as a nondegree student.
    • Nondegree students are not eligible for financial aid through ASU. Visiting university students should inquire with their home institution about the portability of their financial aid package.
  2. Search the Global Education Office website and/or visit us.
  3. Contact the Global Education Office International Coordinator for your selected program(s). Be sure to identify yourself as a Non-ASU student. 
  4. Choose your program carefully. Review our tips for choosing your Global Education program for tips on selecting the right program for you. Keep in mind that Non-ASU students will not be eligible for participation in any ASU Exchange program.
  5. Apply for your program by the deadline posted on your selected program page on the Global Education Office website. Once you are admitted to ASU, you may begin your Global Education program application by clicking "Apply Now" on the page for your selected program. When prompted, log in with your new ASURITE UserID and password.
  6. Submit all required application items by the posted deadlines, following the instructions provided. Be sure to include an unofficial transcript from your home institution.
  7. Pay your non-refundable $50 Application Fee, which will be charged to your ASU student account.
  8. Apply for a passport if you don’t already have one. Consider visiting the ASU U.S. Passport Acceptance Office to apply for, or renew, your passport.
  9. Confirm your participation in your selected program by clicking the “Commit” button. This option will not be available to you until you have been accepted into your selected Global Education program.
  10. Complete all required pre-departure orientation activities.
  11. Apply for a student visa for the country you are going to (if required). Information on your visa requirements (including important links) will be provided to you by the Global Education Office.
  12. Pay your final Global Education Program Fee, which will be charged to your ASU student account.