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Incoming Freshmen or High School Students

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As a high school student or incoming freshman interested in Global Education programs, the ASU Global Education Office is honored by your enthusiasm for Global Education! First and foremost, learn about the four different types of Global Education programs to determine which one is best suited for you.

Eligibility requirements vary by program, but incoming freshmen and high school students need to:

*You cannot participate in a Global Education program in those programs during your first semester of college, but you can apply during your second semester (assuming you will have completed at least 24 credits by the end of that term). Example: you can apply in the spring for a summer or fall program if you started at ASU that previous fall. 
You may be able to participate in a faculty-directed program the summer prior to your freshman year. First-year students can certainly participate in a Faculty-Directed program the summer after their freshman year.

To be eligible for participation, all high school applicants must:

  1. Be accepted to ASU and eligible to enroll in classes during the term the program is offered
  2. Be interviewed by the program director*

*This must occur prior to applying for the program. The goal of the interview is to assess the student's intellectual curiosity, maturity level and academic aptitude.

Upon interviewing successfully, interested high school students should:

  1. Apply for their selected program through the ASU Global Education Office
  2. Secure the signature of a parent or guardian
  3. Begin planning the study abroad experience by applying for scholarships nine months to one year before anticipated departure
  4. Ask clarifying questions

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