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Student athletes

Between training, competing, and your school work, participating in a Global Education program seems like a distant dream for many athletes. However, an increasing number of collegiate athletes are participating in Global Education programs and we are dedicated to helping students put together an international experience that progresses towards undergraduate degrees, yet still allows flexibility for athletes to be present for practices and competition.

Global Education Timing by Sport

The table below provides general recommendations by sport for student athletes interested in participating in a Global Education program. However, it is crucial that you speak with your coach and academic advisor early to determine the most appropriate times for your particular case. Note: Some of the times listed on the sheet will work only if you are able to find sufficient training facilities to train while participating in a Global Education program; consult early with your coach.

Women's Sports

womens sports table

Men's Sports

mens sports table


Y = Yes; these are times that generally work for student athletes

M = Maybe; these are times that are less than optimal, but might work after speaking with your coach

Blank = No; these are times that most student athletes should not consider

*For many sports, summer suitability depends on the length and timing of the program. Consult with your coach and Global Education Office International Coordinator when planning a Global Education experience.

 Tips to keep in mind

  • If you aren't ready to give up an entire semester of games and practices, try looking into the Global Education programs offered during spring break or summer instead. Many of our summer programs are generally about a month long and would likely not cut into your sports season.
  • You can participate in a Global Education program after your NCAA eligibility ends, but before you graduate. For instance, fall season athletes can participate in Global Education programs the spring semester of your final year.
  • Speak with your coach and/or trainers about developing a physical fitness plan for while you’re away.
  • You could have a unique opportunity to engage in the local community and stay in shape by joining a local team or training facility.